DIY Lip Oil Recipe

In addition to unappealing, chapped lips can be very painful and irritating too. The condition gets worse with the arrival of cold, dry winter breeze. Not even lip balms and clapsticks are able to resolve the condition. This is where DIY lip oil recipes come in handy.

Best DIY Lip Oil Recipe Ever:

As many skincare products, good quality lip oils are high-priced, and for a DIY enthusiast like me, this presented me with an opportunity to make lip oil at home. Read on for a DIY lip oil recipe that is sure to resolve chapped, dry and dark lips. 

The global e mag Tip:  Always use a tinted bottle or dark container to store your DIY lip oil. The essential oils and vitamins used in DIY lip oil might lose its therapeutic properties when it comes in contact with sunlight. 

Translucent Lip Oil Recipe:

Rose geranium oil like coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and is commonly used in skin care products like lotions. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Jojoba oil is rich in fatty acids; this locks the moisture in your skin, whereas carrot seed oil contains bioflavonoid; it is also a natural sunscreen. 

DIY Lip Oil Recipe of all time


Coconut oil: 1tsp

Almond Oil: 4drops

Vitamin E: capsule 4

Jojoba Oil: 3drops

Carrot seed oil: 3drops

Olive Oil: ½ tsp

Rose geranium oil: 2drops


  • Lightly heat coconut oil over a candle. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Puncture vitamin E capsule and empty into the bowl. Mix well. 
  • Pour the lip oil into an empty roll-on lip container or a clean lip gloss container. 
  • To apply lip oil, cleanse your lips then gently exfoliate lips using a lip scrub. Pat dry your lips and apply lip oil. 
  • This DIY lip oil can be used several times during the day. 

Tinted Lip Oil

This all-natural lip oil gives your lips a subtle rosy tint without the guilt of using toxic ingredients. I’ve used the basic lip oil recipe mentioned above with an added ingredient, which is Shea butter and beetroot powder. Shea butter is used to slightly change the consistency of DIY tinted lip oil so that it stays on longer whereas beetroot powder gives the lip oil a nice rosy int. 


Shea Butter: 2tbsp

Coconut oil: 1tsp

Jojoba Oil: 4drops

Vitamin E: capsule 5 

Carrot seed Oil: drops


  • Melt Shea butter by heating in a double boiler. Add coconut oil.
  • Add beetroot powder and mix well.  Add in the rest of ingredients, mix and pour the DIY lip oil in empty lip balm tube or air-tight containers.
  • You can also use scrapings of your favorite lipstick for a tint. Add the scrapings while melting Shea butter in a double boiler.

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