Easy DIY Flavoured Lip Gloss

One thing that everyone should understand that no matter how shinny packing a lip gloss has and no matter what everyone has to say about these readily available lip gloss in cosmetic stores, they are not edible, Yes, you read it right, never ever try to to lick of lip gloss because they can have harmful effects on your health. Now lets get started with our own DIY flavoured lip gloss which you can make make at comfort of your home.

I have bee sharing many homemade recipes for skin care, and today I will be sharing my own tested and very effected homemade lip gloss recipes, both of them includes organic products, one variation includes use of Vaseline and the other one includes use of Versagel, in case if you are the love birds, then I must say that you should try to make your own version of lip gloss and make your very own best flavoured lip gloss for kissing.

You will agree with me both of them are very useful and effective and can really do wonders for your lips, I have made a few of them myself and have gifted them to my friends and relatives and got a really good response, even few of them were asking me to start my own brand.

My lip lip gloss comes out as glossy and thick and you will not find them solid like a lip balm. To add an extra touch, I have added flavors in them with the help of scent oils and instant drink mix. Here is a million dollar tip, please do not use fresh fruit extracts for flavor as they do not mix well with the lip gloss mixture as they are not oil-based.

DIY Flavoured Lip Gloss using Vaseline:

So guys, I am using Vaseline in this variation of DIY flavored lip gloss, it is totally up to you, you can either tryout with only Vaseline or you can also try and mix other ingredients which I did in this recipe, reason for including other ingredients is, they can give your lip gloss a nice sticky texture which might not be possible with only use of Vaseline. Those of you, who are always looking for flavoured clear lip gloss, the this is your desired recipe.

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes


Vaseline:   2 Tbsp

Castor Oil: 2 Tbsp

Instant drink Mix: 2 Tbsp (more or less as desired)

Double boiler


Lip gloss tubes


  • Take Vaseline and scoop it out in a double boiler and melt it.
  • Now turn off the flame and then add some castor oil in it. 
  • Now comes the remarkable addition of instant drink mix, my personal favorite Tang, stir the mixture using a spatula till the whole mixtures blend nicely.
  • Now you should inject the lip gloss into lip gloss tubes.

Note: You can use Pigmentation if you desire, I didn’t use it because the instant drink mix itself is colored, and I required a tinted, not heavily pigmented flavored lip gloss. 

DIY Flavored Lip Gloss using Versagel:

This variation of lip gloss includes Versagel and if this is your first time use of Versagel, I must say that whenever you want to make anything with Versagel, you should always use gloves. I will be using it as a lip gloss base, so I will be needing a plastic container and spatula to mix all the ingredients.

Versagel comes with a very dense and thick texture, so in order to get desire consistency for my lip gloss, I will be using a carrier oil for which my preference is grapeseed oil. Now comes the time to choose one of your favorite oil, you can choose on of the following: Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil or even Coconut Oil and lastly to get a calming scent I will be adding vanilla scent oil, again choice is your, you can always opt for fruit scent oil and make your own version of for fruit flavored lip gloss.  Let us get started and prepare our very own vanilla flavored lip gloss.

Homemade Flavoured Lip gloss with Versagel

Preparation Time : 20 Minutes


Versagel: 3 Tbsp

Grapeseed oil: 2 Tbsp

Pigmentation as required

Vanilla scent oil: 3 drops

Plastic container and spatula

Lip gloss tubes



  • Measure out Vesrsagel in a container, add a carrier oil and start mixing.
  • Initially, Versagel will form lumps when it comes in contact with the carrier oil but keep stirring, and a smooth mixture will form. 
  • After you have gained your desired consistency, add pigmentation and vanilla scent oil. 
  • In last, you must make sure that you mix everything well and lastly you should inject the your homemade lip gloss into lip gloss tubes.

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Well, you can make many combination of lip gloss as your own desire, these two are the best flavored lip gloss from 80’s and 90’s and my mother is the one who has been few other combinations of it since her childhood.

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